LINE-X Philippines

LINE-X is No. 1 in the world for over 25 years.

LINE-X offers solutions for:

Automotive: Like the famous LINE-X sprayon bedliners, interior flooring, protecting accessories as bumpers, fender flairs etc. or even whole cars wrapped in LINE-X.

Construction: The next level of waterproofing on roofs and decks as well as wash rooms or even industrial floors in the high tech industries of food processing factories.

Industrial: From pipelines to loading ramps, machine parts and tanks LINE-X can protect it all against corrosion and abrasion.



There are many products on the market offering at the first glimpse similar features. But careful, we have seen many of these products failing after time. It is like always in live, good quality comes with a price. We see very often cheaper low-quality products failed, that we then have to remove and prep for LINE-X.

From toughness at the molecular level, LINE-X products raise the bar on quality, service and durability. For more than 25 years LINE-X is the industrial leader in innovation and quality. Tested by the U.S. Military, LINE-X outperformed the 27 competitors by far in simulated tests.

LINE-X is also committed to Green Products with Zero VOC’s this means LINE-X does not contain Volatile Organic compounds, or better know as solvents that are bad for the environment.

With LINE-X you can be sure to have the strongest and best available protection but still taking car on the environment. Did you know, LINE-X is even approved by the U.S. FDA to be used inside of potable water containments.

And the best, LINE-X spray on bedliners come with a Lifetime Warranty, so that you can be sure your investment stays for good and your money is well spent.

By now, more than 4 Million satisfied clients all over the world speaks for itself.

Make the smart choice and go for nothing else then LINE-X!