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LINE-X Polyurea was chosen as an effective waterproofing and flooring solution because of its tough and elastic qualities. A specialized LINE-X coating with high elasticity, moisture insensitivity and exceptional physical properties is ideal for this application.

LINE-X waterproofing / flooring solutions providing the same toughness and elastic qualities that exemplify the LINE-X brand. The membrane is sprayed onto the concrete slab of the roof deck using a high pressure system. This allows it to literally fill the pores and cracks on the surface, creating a seamless waterproofing barrier. By creating a single impenetrable layer, a buildings roof can stay dry throughout the years.


The physical properties of LINE-X Polyurea make it the ideal system for waterproofing large structures that have constant movement, as well as for areas where toughness is required due to personnel and heavy machinery traffic.

As on fully waterproof roof tops for car parking. LINE-X has been the only system able to sustain car traffic with no damage, builders and developers are starting to realize that its time to invest in serious protection for their projects.

LINE-X protective coatings has unlimited application possibilities, it has the potential to execute a diverse range of applications that requires the preservation of buildings and its structural elements. We specialize in spray on polyurea that provides the maximum level of protection to structures made of various construction materials.

LINE-X Polyurea waterproofing can be applied on almost any kind of substrate from wood, metal, masonry, aluminium, concrete, cement, fiberglass, styrofoam, drywall to even textiles and much more.

With its ability of fast curing, the time consumption for waterproofing can significantly be reduced compared to ordinary waterproofing systems.

With its ability of fast curing, the time consumption for waterproofing can significantly be reduced compared to ordinary waterproofing systems.

LINE-X pure Polyurea is safe for drinking water. That’s why it is commonly used for waterproofing of water tanks, fishponds and even swimming pools and fountains. While sprayed on, it easily follows the contours of the substrate and builds a 100% sealed membrane without air pockets and gaps. LINE-X can be applied creating a smooth surface or a coarse one for adding non-skid abilities to it. There fore it can even be used for waterslides and staircases.

Whatever your waterproofing needs are, talk to LINE-X and see how they can help you solving the challenges. LINE-X is good for small to very big applications. From just a bathroom or balcony to entire shopping malls, all is possible with LINE-X.

Feel free to contact us and we are happy to discuss your project and show you the possible LINE-X solutions for a high quality long term result.

Material selection is the most crucial aspect of waterproofing. The best application of a poor product will still result in a failed application. Investing in the proper materials and application up front can save the Owner from tremendous cost and frustration later.

LINE-X has developed a superior waterproofing solution which grew out of LINE-X’s nationally recognized spray-on truck bedliner material providing the same toughness and elasticity for which LINE-X is known. LINE-X improved its bedliner material addressing the special needs of waterproofing with a unique pure Polyurea formulation designed to penetrate and seal the small cracks that could allow water to seep past lesser materials.