Real waterproofing keeps out all moisture and must perform well in three critical areas to be effective: It should fill pores and flex with the movement of the building, be able to withstand water under hydrostatic pressure, and stop water vapor transmission.

LINE-X specially developed Polyurea membrane meets all three characteristics of an effective waterproofing solution while providing the same toughness and durability that exemplifies the LINE-X brand. LINE-X forms a single waterproofing membrane barrier. With its unique formulation designed to penetrate and seal all of the small cracks that could allow water to seep past lesser materials.

Only LINE-X combines elasticity and toughness into a single membrane which is impervious to water.

Professional roof gardens

Material selection is the most crucial aspect of waterproofing. The best application of a poor product will still result in a failed application. Investing in the proper materials and application up front can save the Owner from tremendous cost and frustration later. Depending on the location, a proper built roof garden needs much more than a simple waterproofing.

When it comes to waterproofing roof gardens and pedestrian walkways on concrete slabs you need the most powerful coating in the market. LINE-X Polyurea is a versatile coating system that is able to contain ponding water, it protects concrete completely from the water, soil and roots from vegetation.

LINE-X Philippines

Landscape architecture is a beautiful part of modern life. It is often on display in office complexes, public parks, city squares, college campuses, almost everywhere people work and live. Part of the scope of landscape architecture concerns infrastructure and management of parks and green spaces - like this urban garden.

The LINE-X Polyurea coating not only sealed the concrete, it also gave the planter increased durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions. LINE-X coatings are strong enough to withstand impact damage but remain flexible to expand and contract with the concrete as the temperature changes. This planter is ready to be admired for years to come.

The landscape architects chose a polyurea coating system from LINE-X. LINE-X coatings are sprayed at high temperature and high pressure to form a seamless durable coating that is dry to the touch within seconds by highly trained applicators with specialized equipment.
Spray-on polyurea coatings like those developed by LINE-X, offer ideal water and weatherproofing solutions for concrete tanks. Polyurea coatings are extremely durable, flexible and fast curing so application time is minimal. To apply, the concrete is first cleaned to remove debris and prepared for LINE-X chemical to form a strong bond with the surface. A LINE-X pure polyurea coating is then applied directly to the prepped concrete to a thickness of several millimeters.

Additionally, the LINE-X pure Polyurea membrane has exceptional elongation of over 200% and a tensile strength of nearly 3,000 pounds per square inch. This combination allows LINE-X to adjust to even larger building movements without cracking. Even in case of vehicular transit over the membrane.

The environmental friendly coatings of LINE-X contain zero VOC and are even approved by several international authorities to be used for containments of potable water. This means for the landscape architect, LINE-X can also be used for fountains artificial rivers, lakes and even fish ponds. Thanks to LINE-X it opens up a complete new dimension of waterproofing and opens up for a new way of creativity. Due to its fast curing, it helps to keep event the most challenging project on time.