LINE-X Philippines

LINE-X was chosen as an effective waterproofing and flooring solution because of its tough and elastic qualities of its Polyurea. A specialized LINE-X coating with high elasticity, moisture insensitivity and exceptional physical properties is ideal for this application.

LINE-X waterproofing / flooring solutions providing the same toughness and elastic qualities that exemplify the LINE-X brand. The Polyurea membrane is sprayed onto the concrete slab of the roof deck using a high pressure system. This allows it to literally fill the pores and cracks on the surface, creating a seamless waterproofing barrier. By creating a single impenetrable layer, a buildings roof can stay dry throughout the years.

Industrial Flooring

Event the harsh conditions of industrial walk in chillers of freezer rooms do not cause a challenge for LINE-X. LINE-X remains flexible even at low temperatures and does not crack when temperature rises or drops. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for the refurbishment of worn cold storage flooring.

​To keep commercial shower and toilet facilities clean and in good sanitary condition is not easy. To refurbish this kind of areas is even a bigger challenge building administration is facing, especially in 24 / 7 operated facilities like hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls etc. Due to the fast curing of LINE-X, the rehabilitation work can be completed with minimal downtime and reduced emissions compared to ordinary renovation work.

From roof decks to industrial kitchens including cold storage rooms over to washrooms and car parks, LINE-X gets you covered.

The physical properties of LINE-X Polyurea make it the ideal system for coating large structures that have constant movement, as well as for areas where toughness is required due to personnel and heavy machinery traffic.

As on fully waterproof roof tops for car parking. LINE-X has been the only system able to sustain car traffic with no damage, builders and developers are starting to realize that its time to invest in serious protection for their projects.

​LINE-X flooring systems are very often used in food processing industries. It creates a completely sealed and extremely strong barrier which is resistant to all kind of food related products including acids and oils. It doesn’t chip or crack over time and it can be cleaned by pressure washer.

Therefore, many clients do not only use LINE-X as a flooring, they even want to have the walls up to the ceiling protected and sealed. This makes live easy for the kitchen crew to keep it clean and in proper sanitary condition. This helps to save money, reduces downtime and to pass the regular inspections and audits by the clients.

Material selection is the most crucial aspect of waterproofing. The best application of a poor product will still result in a failed application. Investing in the proper materials and application up front can save the Owner from tremendous cost and frustration later.

Instead of tiles, the tough LINE-X pure Polyurea membrane solves two purpose at ones, it provides a long lasting waterproofing and at the same time a nice and solid flooring which can withstand car and foot traffic.

Think outside of the box, LINE-X is even used to temporarily protect the precious marble floor of an office elevator. In this case LINE-X is used as a customized floor mat which can easily be installed if the elevator is used to transport heavy items and quickly removed afterwards when only used to transport peoples.