LINE-X Philippines

With limited downtime, and greatly reduced future maintenance, equip­ment is ready to serve for the long haul. Protection doesn’t have to stop with the tank, LINE-X is an excellent choice for cab elements as well as rocker panels, fenders, grilles, rail­ings, ladders, etc.


On new, structurally sound paint, the area to be coated is masked, cleaned and abraded for the LINE-X coating. For used equipment, the cleaning process includes sandblasting and removal of any pre-ex­isting corrosion, loose paint, etc. Accessories are carefully protected and/or removed as necessary. Cleaned substrates are then pres­ sure impingement application equip­ment. Topcoat can be applied if requests. Following the application, the vehicle is unmasked, acces­sories are replaced and the unit is ready to go. Full cure is complete in 24 hours.

LINE-X Protective Coatings, applied over a properly prepared substrate will eliminate corrosion from the equation. Added benefits include chemical, abrasion, impact and slip resistance and just plain good looks. LINE-X will extend the life of an old tank and offers limited structural en­hancement as well.


Companies all over the world have the constant challenge of keeping their equipment looking clean and new. Metal tanks need routine maintenance and repainting to keep on top of corrosion problems, but need protectiuon from constant abrasion on gravel roads; without protectionthey too will look old and unkept.


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