LINE-X Philippines

With very little downtime for the client, the meat cutting area now presents a bright and clean appearance. The monolithic seamless membrane is very easy to clean and future maintenance has been drastically reduced.


LINE-X® professionals carefully prepped all areas and protected equipment and surfaces not to be sprayed. Utilizing a mobile system, LINE-X was applied to all targeted surfaces. With it’s quick setup time of 2-3 seconds, the product can be applied at any angle without drips, runs or sags. A color matched food-safe topcoat is then applied completing the procedure.

Most LINE-X products, bearing approval for Incidental Food Contact, and also approved for Potable Water under the ANSI/NSF 61 Section 5, was the product of choice to solve the customers problems. LINE-X offers superb clean-ability, impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, and has the inherent characteristic of being non-supportive of organic growth.


A major grocery chain outlet contacted LINE-X seeking a solution to an ongoing issue of maintenance and cleaning difficulties in their meat cutting department. Painted surfaces were difficult to clean and peeling paint from overhead duct runs presented an unsanitary and unappealing appearance.