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Line-x Philippines Full Line-x Truck Wrap

Your vehicle will look great and be permanently protected from wear and tear on the road. With a UV stable top coating, LINE-X will provide your vehicle with SERIOUS PROTECTION and KILLER LOOKS for a lifetime.

A LINE-X full vehicle wrap means having the boldest look on the block, a look that your neighbor will be unable to match.

So whether you’re looking for total road protection or curb appeal, a full LINE-X wrap can turn your truck into a serious head-turning machine.


Your local LINE-X professional can protect your entire vehicle with a seamless, durable LINE-X full vehicle wrap. Available in black or any color of your choice, a full vehicle wrap provides a great-looking custom finish. LINE-X will stand up to the abuse of the road, while providing abrasion and impact resistance.

LINE-X uses its nationally recognized Spray-On Truck Bedliner material, to coat the entire vehicle. Before any product is applied, the truck is carefully prepped. Any pre-existing corrosion is thoroughly removed, the entire truck is cleaned, and any accessories are securely protected or removed as necessary. A UV stable LINE-X top coat of can provide a durable UV resistant coating that minimizes fading and sun damage.


Sometimes a truck owner wants to have some fun with vehicle protection. You can customize your truck with dozens of aftermarket accessories, step bars, grille guards, wheels, but nothing has the staying power of a full LINE-X wrap.

Over time, wear from gravel roads, sun exposure, scratches and dents can cause a vehicle’s paint finish to deteriorate. This produces a dull, aged look, and can lead to rusting if left untreated.

To prevent rust for good, a fully coated LINE-X truck creates an impenetrable barrier that will protect your truck from small scratches to serious abrasion.


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