LINE-X Philippines

The customer was very happy with the results. The indoor park not only maintained its excitment level for those visiting, it protected each visitor and employee inside on a daily basis.


The entire outer shell of the building was designed, sprayed with LINE-X and painted to meet fire requirements. LIINE-X is a two component, spray-in-place, flexible, 100% solid polyurea, which exhibits excellent adhesion over a variety of substrates, including concrete, floors, roofs, wood, etc.

The fire retardant LINE-X combined the protection against abrasion and impact, but also the flame retardant properties needed to meet the needs of the customer. Additionally, LINE-X provided the looks necessary to keep the amusement park attractive and exciting looking to those that visited the park.


An indoor interactive attraction, housed in a stylized castle complete with its own dragon needed a protective coating that would require minimum maintenance and maximum fire protection. LINE-X®’s other physical properties made it ideal for the project, including the ease of designing and painting the resulting surface.


Amusement Park