LINE-X Philippines

Due to the immediate demand and sensitivity to plant operations, LINE-X completed each channel on time allowing for a very quick return to service with minimal unit shutdown. The customer is very pleased with the results and are planning to utilize LINE-X for similar applications at its other locations.


LINE-X provided a solution that will significantly reduce downtime and reduce the need for maintenance. Due to its high resistance to temperature and corrosion, LINE-X was chosen as an ideal coatings solution for this application.LINE-X was laboratory tested for resistance to water with high salt concentration at high temperature prior to project approval.


The world’s largest company in the field of sea water desalination consulted LINE-X to find a solution to protect the company’s brine drain channels.  Each desalination plant consists of several production units.  Each unit has a drain channel that allows the return of brine to the sea water.  The brine has a very high salt concentration and is delivered at a high temperature 50-80 C to the sea through concrete channels.

Over time the concrete channels suffered great structural damage. Salt water penetrated through the concrete to the structural steel leading to corrosion and failure. The channel walls were critically damaged and falling apart in several areas.


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